Clipparoo Updates: Introducing Brandboards

What is a Brandboard?

Brandboards are advanced Clipparoo Clippboards that you can brand with your company logo and personal information, to share and collaborate with colleagues, clients and potential customers.

Brandboards vs. Client Pages (or, Why the name change?)

Sounds a lot like Client Pages, right?  You’re right. We’ve decided to rename our advanced Clippboards “Brandboards.”  We think this is a much more appropriate name, and will make Clipparoo even easier for you to understand. Now everything on Clipparoo is a “board.”  Brandboards really are Clippboards, with enhanced tools for branding and linking to outside resources.  You can have private Brandboards that you share only with selected clients, or you can have Brandboards that are publicly available.  It’s up to you.  We’re also adding more ways to “brand” your projects.

Tell me more about Brandboards!

Even if you already know all about the former “Client Pages,” this is a great refresher summary of everything you can do with Brandboards, and what sets them apart from Clippboards.

  • Branding & Logos
    You can upload your company’s logo, or your client’s logo, or any graphic you like, and add it to the top left corner of your Brandboards. This logo can be different for each of your Brandboards.  You can also add a tagline or title above the logo.

  • Information & Links
    In addition to the Clipps and Notes you’ll add to your Brandboard, you can create a custom “Brand & Links Column” on the left hand side of the board,  where you can add external links, email addresses, graphics and text information.  You can even organize the Column content with your own custom headers.
  • Uploading Files
    You can attach files to any of your Clipps, but on Brandboards you can also create a new Clipp with a file by clicking the Upload File button at the top of the page.  This will allow you to easily include brochures, invoices, forms and more on your Brandboards.

  • Creating Library Content
    Content from all your Brandboards (Clipps as well as content from the Brand & Links Column) is collected in a library that makes it easy to create new Brandboards in just minutes.
  • Board-specific Discussions
    A Discussion area on each Brandboard gives you a space to discuss your project with all collaborators, eliminating the need for emails that may be overlooked.
  • Simple Admin Tools
    All of these features (and more) can be found by clicking the Admin Tools button at the top of each Brandboard. (See the video below for more information on admin tools.)

This video is a detailed tour of Brandboards, including tips on how to use them for sales, projects and customer management.

And this video will show you how to create a new Brandboard and use your admin menu.

Visit these sample Brandboards:

Marketing & Sales Brandboard
Customer Communication/Project Management Brandboard

Please note: You may temporarily continue to see references to “Client Pages” as we roll out these changes – especially in videos and our Help Center. In the meantime, please remember that Brandboards and Client Pages are the exact same thing.  Thanks for your patience!

Ask any question, or tell us what you think!

Happy Clipping!

Why I am no longer in information overload hell

There are two sides to early adoption.

I (Patricia) have been using the Internet since probably 1992.   I had an email address before that, but only started using the Internet in the early 90’s.   I was such an early adopter that I remember doing banking with “Bay Bank Boston” using a 56K dialup and a DOS green screen (worked as well as the fancy online banking today).

So, I’m a long time user and because of that I have countless (literally) bookmarks and equally countless memories of many sites/information sources that I wish I had saved.

Fast forward to 2014. The visual, social web is the center of the Internet universe.   Social sites like Pinterest are beautiful and provide visual cues when information is searched.   So, how could I blend my need to organize information with the wonderful information cues you get from images, and how could I make it work more effectively for business?

Enter Clipparoo, a blend of bookmarks with pictures and images and an organization system—and an application that you can use with customers, colleges, family and prospects.   You can share “Clippboards” with fellow project managers or family. Pull together a Clippboard to demonstrate to a client or, in a family matter, you could get multiple family members together to search for the right health care solution, job or school.  There is even a folder and subfolder tree–just the way you’ve always organized.  The way you use it is up to you, the ease of use was up to us.

In our company alone we figured we have saved three hours a week just on one specific task by all Clipping to the same Clippboard.   And, the mobile version means that every time I see something I can Clipp it immediately and then don’t have to think about it again—or I alert a team member automatically that a new Clipp is in their Clipparoo shared content.

I essentially “Clipp it and Forget it” until I need it later.  I add “tags” and can retrieve anything through a great search system.                                                           keep-calm-and-remember-everything2-14

Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.  It’s easy, it’s free and it just might change your information life.  It did mine.

Check out our You Tube overview video and our help center and give it a try.


Clipparoo Tips: Create Your Own Content

You can use your Clipparoo bookmarklet to create Clipps from content you want to save, anywhere online.  But we recently added the ability to create your own Clipps right on Clipparoo.  You have two new options, found in the upper right corner of your Clipparoo homepage:

Newsletter 2 Buttons

Want add a link to a page without leaving Clipparoo?  Just click the Add URL button, then cut and paste, or manually type the url of any page. This will launch the Clipping page, pulling in the Clipp name and desription, available images, and anything else the site provides. It’s just like using the bookmarklet.

*TIP* Use “Add URL” for Online PDFs: If you find a pdf online that you want to use to create a Clipp, you may have trouble using the bookmarklet. Now, all you have to do is copy the pdf’s url, and paste it into the Add URL tool.  This will allow you to link to online pdfs.

Newsletter 2 URL

If you want to create a Clipp that does not include a link, you can now use Add Note. Just click the button, and you can start a new Clipp, from scratch.  Name your Clipp and enter text, notes and tags. You can add an image, and even upload a file to the Note. Save the Note, and it will appear with and look just like all your other Clipps.

*TIP* Use “Add Note” for Travel Plans: Create a Note to collect all your travel dates, confirmation numbers, hotel contact information and more. You can access the note on Clipparoo Mobile while you’re on the road.

Newsletter 2 Note small

We’d love to hear how you’re using Clipparoo. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about ideas or questions. We’ve learned so much from our members already.

Happy Clipping!


Clipparoo can help you organize all aspects of your business and personal life.  See what it can do for you.


All Your Photography Information in One Place

You don’t have enough time to look at everything the moment you find out about it.  Well, you don’t have to.

Say you’re a photography fan.  There are thousands of photography sites featuring great photographers, helpful tutorials, and fun tips and tricks.  Clipparoo helps you organize the unorganized world by letting you create Clippboards like “Photography” and then further organize with sub-clippboards like “Tutorials,” “Favorite Photographers,” “Infrared,” and “Landscape Tips.”  Then, whenever you see something you don’t want to forget, just “Clipp” that site using the one-click browser bookmarklet, and you will always have that information on hand.  You can add keywords, your own personal notes and even invite photography friends to join your Clippboard and collaborate to build a great collection.

Take a look at my photography Clippboard to see what a publicly available Clippboard looks like.

Clipparoo Screenshot for Blog


Clipparoo can help you organize all aspects of your business and personal life.  See what it can do for you.

Organizing Cancer: Taming overwhelming information with Clipparoo

A cancer diagnosis often comes without warning.  A loss of appetite, a non descript lump, a cough.   Then, suddenly you or a loved one are told you have cancer.  You hit a wall at 100MPH and everything changes.  You have to make decisions fast and you have to make decisions correctly–your life or the life of someone you love depends on it.

What follows is the true story of Alice, an early beta tester who used Clipparoo, in collaboration with her family, to organize the best research and trends in breast cancer treatment.

Here is Alice’s story:  TamingFiles Blog

“I was very blessed to be a beta tester on Clipparoo when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When you put ‘breast cancer’ into Google,  you are totally overwhelmed with tens of millions of results, adding more confusion rather than clarity. How do you get through this?  How do you organize the information so that you can make the right decisions?   Well, I found the perfect tool.   I used Clipparoo, and when I found a interesting or helpful article, I would ‘Clipp’ it and add my own notes, and assign it to one of my Clippboards. I would divide the Clippboards into new treatment plans and conventional treatment plans so I could compare clearly and have this information at my fingertips when speaking to my doctors.  I invited my sister,  who is a registered nurse and lives in another state, to collaborate on my Clippboards with me.  One Clippboard was for chemotherapy research, another for surgical options, and another for cutting edge news.  We would both contribute Clipps to my Clippboards, capturing critical information in a visual way.  We would jot our own notes and comments to supplement the website information.

I started this process feeling like a scared victim of cancer and ended up feeling empowered–Clipparoo laid out a visual floor plan for my recovery.  Clipparoo and its easy folder organization gives clarity to your research and allows family members, friends, or physicians to share their research with you. This collaboration makes you feel you are not alone on this difficult journey.

I am so grateful for Clipparoo’s support.  When a woman in Israel told my sister that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer, I shared my Clipparoo breast cancer Clippboards with her, saving her and her family many weeks of research and letting them feel more confident in their decisions.

Would it be too dramatic to say Clipparoo is saving my life?…It certainly feels like it is!”

Alice Waxler


Clipparoo can help you organize all aspects of your business and personal life.  See what it can do for you.

Speed Reading Redux

speed readingIn the 1950’s Evelyn Woods created a speed reading craze with a book titled “Reading Skills” and a company called “Reading Dynamics”.   Her concepts were taught in colleges until the 1990’s when they faded away.  But wait!  We now much read faster because we have so much more to read!   Hurry up!

There are now multiple mobile apps that can help you read faster and faster and faster.   Maybe not for Shakespeare, but for news and commentary on your mobile device.

The Wall Street Journal has an article on the new opportunities afforded us to get reading out of the way up to 800 words per minute.  There is even a test you can take to see how fast you read and how you do on that ever-important comprehension part.   Here’s the article:

Of course you can always just “clipp” a story your Clipparoo account and read it from any device when you are ready.   Then you can relax about not having to read quite so fast : )

Become a Social Media Genius by Using Clipparoo for Posting

Sometimes posting to social media directly from a website article makes me nervous – I want to be more thoughtful in my postings so that followers see my posts as valuable.  I’ve found Clipparoo makes social media postings effortless and helps me keep those posts consistently valuable and interesting. When I see articles or sites that are of interest to me, but I’m not yet ready to post them to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I just Clipp them to my “Clipparoo Social Media” Clippboard and plan to use them later.  It’s so easy! (Want to remember to post something at a later date?  Be sure to use Clipparoo reminders

Click the graphic below to watch a two minute video on managing your Social content so you look like a genius.


“Clipparoo is to Pinterest what LinkedIn is to Facebook”

A guest post from Wanda Alexander, CEO Horizon Consulting Incorporated and WAA LLC remember the days when a great article was ‘clipped’ from a newspaper with physical scissors and stuck on a cork-board next to your desk. If you wanted to read it again on a Saturday morning, you were back in the car rushing to the office.

The internet has changed this immensely, but until the day I opened a new email from CEOExpress Company founder Patricia Pomerleau announcing the beta launch of Clipparoo, nothing I had come across had so completely bridged the ‘bookmarking for business’ gap.

Clipparoo has already become my go-to for business collaboration. As a mentor to small business leaders and to young women in and pursuing business through WAA LLC, I am creating collaborative Client Pages to seamlessly share relevant and personalized messages, articles and documents with clients.

At Horizon Consulting – providers of high volume workflow management to government agencies and commercial banks – I use the Clippboard feature, which has become one of my favorite aspects of the platform, to Clipp and share coverage, press releases and so much more to my team members and business partners.

Other bookmarking and client communication tools are nice, but they don’t allow me to create something special for my clients – Clipparoo is simply more mature and allows me to collaborate with clients and share resources in a unique way. You are truly able to create something 100% catered to your client, instantly making them feel valued and empowered.

For personal use I think that being able to categorize my interests with folders, sub-folders and Client Pages is invaluable. Documents, commentary, articles and more can be sent to one person, an entire team or simply saved to my personal boards to read later.

Clipparoo provides me, WAA LLC and Horizon Consulting Incorporated with an additional service to offer clients, customers and partners – immediately adding tangible value. I can’t imagine life without it!

If you have any questions about what Clipparoo can do for your business or if you’d like to participate in the Clipparoo guest blog program, please get in touch at Register for Clipparoo beta free of charge today at:

Clear the clutter on National Clean Out Your Inbox Week with Clipparoo

Yes, we know there are lots of different and strange weeks. It’s probably close to impossible to come up with something that doesn’t have a national or official day or week (don’t worry, we’re all set for National Accordion Awareness Month and Wear Brown Shoes Day).

National Clean Out Your Inbox Week is one that we do feel a little closer to, and not because of any strong distaste for accordions or brown shoes – we like both, but because the overflowing email box is just one of the problems we set out to conquer when we designed Clipparoo.

Here’s some numbers to get you thinking:

  • 28% (13 hours) of our workweek is spent sending, reading, sorting and deleting emails according to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute
  • There will be 4.3 billion email accounts by 2016
  • 60% of readers who save email to read later never go back to it
  • 236.8 million – the number of email users in the US by 2017, according to eMarketer
  • 17% of Americans create a new email address every six months

The sheer volume of email traffic is enormous and is increasing exponentially.  Clipparoo helps you to organize and share content with friends, colleagues and social contacts in a simple and easy fashion with our single-sign portal.  Why not try it out for yourself? Clipparoo Beta is available free of charge. Sign up here: