Organizing Cancer: Taming overwhelming information with Clipparoo

A cancer diagnosis often comes without warning.  A loss of appetite, a non descript lump, a cough.   Then, suddenly you or a loved one are told you have cancer.  You hit a wall at 100MPH and everything changes.  You have to make decisions fast and you have to make decisions correctly–your life or the life of someone you love depends on it.

What follows is the true story of Alice, an early beta tester who used Clipparoo, in collaboration with her family, to organize the best research and trends in breast cancer treatment.

Here is Alice’s story:  TamingFiles Blog

“I was very blessed to be a beta tester on Clipparoo when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When you put ‘breast cancer’ into Google,  you are totally overwhelmed with tens of millions of results, adding more confusion rather than clarity. How do you get through this?  How do you organize the information so that you can make the right decisions?   Well, I found the perfect tool.   I used Clipparoo, and when I found a interesting or helpful article, I would ‘Clipp’ it and add my own notes, and assign it to one of my Clippboards. I would divide the Clippboards into new treatment plans and conventional treatment plans so I could compare clearly and have this information at my fingertips when speaking to my doctors.  I invited my sister,  who is a registered nurse and lives in another state, to collaborate on my Clippboards with me.  One Clippboard was for chemotherapy research, another for surgical options, and another for cutting edge news.  We would both contribute Clipps to my Clippboards, capturing critical information in a visual way.  We would jot our own notes and comments to supplement the website information.

I started this process feeling like a scared victim of cancer and ended up feeling empowered–Clipparoo laid out a visual floor plan for my recovery.  Clipparoo and its easy folder organization gives clarity to your research and allows family members, friends, or physicians to share their research with you. This collaboration makes you feel you are not alone on this difficult journey.

I am so grateful for Clipparoo’s support.  When a woman in Israel told my sister that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer, I shared my Clipparoo breast cancer Clippboards with her, saving her and her family many weeks of research and letting them feel more confident in their decisions.

Would it be too dramatic to say Clipparoo is saving my life?…It certainly feels like it is!”

Alice Waxler


Clipparoo can help you organize all aspects of your business and personal life.  See what it can do for you.

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