Clipparoo Tips: Create Your Own Content

You can use your Clipparoo bookmarklet to create Clipps from content you want to save, anywhere online.  But we recently added the ability to create your own Clipps right on Clipparoo.  You have two new options, found in the upper right corner of your Clipparoo homepage:

Newsletter 2 Buttons

Want add a link to a page without leaving Clipparoo?  Just click the Add URL button, then cut and paste, or manually type the url of any page. This will launch the Clipping page, pulling in the Clipp name and desription, available images, and anything else the site provides. It’s just like using the bookmarklet.

*TIP* Use “Add URL” for Online PDFs: If you find a pdf online that you want to use to create a Clipp, you may have trouble using the bookmarklet. Now, all you have to do is copy the pdf’s url, and paste it into the Add URL tool.  This will allow you to link to online pdfs.

Newsletter 2 URL

If you want to create a Clipp that does not include a link, you can now use Add Note. Just click the button, and you can start a new Clipp, from scratch.  Name your Clipp and enter text, notes and tags. You can add an image, and even upload a file to the Note. Save the Note, and it will appear with and look just like all your other Clipps.

*TIP* Use “Add Note” for Travel Plans: Create a Note to collect all your travel dates, confirmation numbers, hotel contact information and more. You can access the note on Clipparoo Mobile while you’re on the road.

Newsletter 2 Note small

We’d love to hear how you’re using Clipparoo. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about ideas or questions. We’ve learned so much from our members already.

Happy Clipping!


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