All Your Photography Information in One Place

You don’t have enough time to look at everything the moment you find out about it.  Well, you don’t have to.

Say you’re a photography fan.  There are thousands of photography sites featuring great photographers, helpful tutorials, and fun tips and tricks.  Clipparoo helps you organize the unorganized world by letting you create Clippboards like “Photography” and then further organize with sub-clippboards like “Tutorials,” “Favorite Photographers,” “Infrared,” and “Landscape Tips.”  Then, whenever you see something you don’t want to forget, just “Clipp” that site using the one-click browser bookmarklet, and you will always have that information on hand.  You can add keywords, your own personal notes and even invite photography friends to join your Clippboard and collaborate to build a great collection.

Take a look at my photography Clippboard to see what a publicly available Clippboard looks like.

Clipparoo Screenshot for Blog


Clipparoo can help you organize all aspects of your business and personal life.  See what it can do for you.