Speed Reading Redux

speed readingIn the 1950’s Evelyn Woods created a speed reading craze with a book titled “Reading Skills” and a company called “Reading Dynamics”.   Her concepts were taught in colleges until the 1990’s when they faded away.  But wait!  We now much read faster because we have so much more to read!   Hurry up!

There are now multiple mobile apps that can help you read faster and faster and faster.   Maybe not for Shakespeare, but for news and commentary on your mobile device.

The Wall Street Journal has an article on the new opportunities afforded us to get reading out of the way up to 800 words per minute.  There is even a test you can take to see how fast you read and how you do on that ever-important comprehension part.   Here’s the article:   http://snips.ly/CE186

Of course you can always just “clipp” a story your Clipparoo account and read it from any device when you are ready.   Then you can relax about not having to read quite so fast : )  http://www.clipparoo.com

Collaborative clipboards for business: Clipparoo beta goes live!

Welcome to the Clipparoo blog. Today is a massive day for everybody here at CEOExpress Company (particularly our hard-working development team!) as we unveil Clipparoo – collaborative clipboards for business and beyond.

So what exactly is Clipparoo?  Designed for everyone, from business professionals to hobbyists, Clipparoo is a digital collaboration platform that allows you to easily collect, organize and share text, documents, images and videos with colleagues, customers and social contacts. It’s a refreshingly simple single-site alternative to emailing documents and links, hoarding bookmarks across browsers, juggling multiple project management tools, and managing complex customer reporting software. With Clipparoo you can quickly and easily upload documents or add interesting online content to public, private or client-facing ‘Clippboards’, before hooking up with social media to discuss what you have shared.

But why not discover Clipparoo for yourself? Clipparoo Beta is now available FREE of charge at: https://www.clipparoo.com

Register today to be among the earliest adopters of Clipparoo. You will:

  • Begin sharing and commenting on news, images and documents from any device
  • Start organizing content in familiar folder structures to share with friends and colleagues.
  • Cut down on that inbox flab and improve the flow of information around your business.
  • Create branded, client-ready workspaces to update customers, assign tasks, discuss actions, set deadlines, send reminders and share output.
  • Or just make the most of Clipparoo’s live-tiled News Center to access and share top business, technology and national stories and trends, categorized by feed or topic.

We’re extremely excited to discover all of the clever ways that our first-generation of Clipparoo users will use the platform to make their work and social lives easier, smarter and more fun. So please get clipping!

Sign up now for our FREE Clipparoo beta at: https://www.clipparoo.com